House construction

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We build “made-to-measure” houses or we renovate existing ones.

Land purchase

We propose you a selection of grounds in collaboration with real estate agencies of the islands.
We advise you on an already acquired ground.

Renovation / Enlarging

We take charge of works of renovation or of enlarging of your good.

Building permit

We work on the elaboration of a unique project adapted to your desires, your needs and your budget.
We supply you a sample group of plans, cuts, realizations in 3D of your houses with or without swimming pool.
We finalize the building permit and the deposit of the file at the town hall.

Carrying out and supervision of the project

Entirely the responsability of the project manager, we assure the follow-up of the building of your house.

  • general management of the project . ( guaranteed by Project Manager insurance )
  • full quotes and specification ( all craftsmen covered by Ten Year insurance)
  • coordination, inspection of works
  • monitoring payments, deadlines
  • acceptance report